Kick-Ass Storytellers.

Brand Evangelists.

It begins with the pixel. A pixel is the smallest element in an image, video, or text. It is the building block of the complete composition on display.

Your pixel is your message. It is your product and it is the sole reason why we’re here. We are driven by the importance of spreading your message, and the impact your message could have if spread properly.

The Pixelmakers are storytellers. Our passion is to help you tell your story through innovative and engaging presentations and videos. Whether through PowerPoint and Keynote or through video production, our goal is to create meaningful connections between you and your audience.

Our Roots
In 2016, we set out to establish a kick-ass presentations agency that breaks the stereotypes of PowerPoint. We believe the world is not yet harnessing the power of PowerPoint, and are committed to turning traditional PowerPoint presentations into visually powerful storytelling tools. We pride ourselves in helping our clients maximize their identity through powerful presentations. Whether launching a product line, revitalizing an existing brand, or expanding into new markets, the recipe remains the same: great storytelling = great awareness. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Our Approach
Every client has a unique story behind them. Our expertise involves mapping your story to the visual tools needed to maximize impact. Through a series of collaborative discussions and discovery, we can examine the values, style, and personality that got you here – your pixels – and how you envision those attributes shaping the future of your story.

Simplicity is one of our key philosophies and is a philosophy often misunderstood. We take it to heart because we feel it is a solid foundation to good design and storytelling. It is also an important factor that will help the audience receive the message easily and without distraction, especially in an era of overwhelming information.

We put the

in PowerPoint

Your Needs
Every presentation, every video has its own set of objectives. We believe a client’s authenticity must earn hearts and minds through influence. We start with that in mind and build and create the contextual map and touchpoints so that when the moment comes for a story to make its impact, it is properly revealed. We build narratives from the inside out, and never offer a cookie-cutter solution.

At the heart of The Pixelmakers is the idea. We have a relentless pursuit of originality that cuts through the layers of confusion often involved with presentation and design strategies. Our clients achieve success through The Pixelmakers’ ability to build presentations and videos that resonate and hit audiences in unique ways.

Together we develop captivating presentations and deliver powerful storytelling tools. Come to us with a challenge. You will walk away with a partner in your success.


What other agencies consider as clients, we consider partners. Their goals become our goals. We are committed to ensuring our clients enjoy working with us and to building long-term relationships. Our job is to make your life easier and relieve you of worries associated with PowerPoint, Keynote, video production or any presentation project, ultimately making your business more profitable and successful.

The Pixelmakers create emotional connections through powerful imagrery and motion.  Our experience in documentaries and roadshow-type videos enable us to guide the comprehensive process of conceptualizing, storyboarding and post production.


The Pixelmakers
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